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This book is about a message not the messenger…

But Gary Fettke does have a background.  He is a practising orthopaedic surgeon in Tasmania, Australia - a long way from many places.

He comes from an immediate family of a variety of religious and immigrant backgrounds.  In his most immediate family there are seven different religious upbringings and a variety of countries of origin - but that´s another story.

His mother died when he was a teenager. He was one of the youngest individuals to pass his surgical fellowship at 29 and moved to Tasmania to commence a busy surgical practice.

His first visit to an intensive care unit as a patient was at the age of 37.  Whilst operating he became aware of his vision deteriorating and he underwent urgent neurosurgery to remove a tumour from the base of his brain.  This was followed by a period when he learnt to walk again and further treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

He overcame a significant personal challenge to return to surgical practice.
A further neurosurgical procedure and another five days in intensive care followed at the age of 41.  He ‘hopped on the bike again´ and returned to surgical practice, a few months later.  The passion for his work was greater than sitting back and doing ‘nothing´.

He still has an ongoing ‘relationship´ with his tumour and a compliance issue with being a patient.

Somewhere in that time frame, he planted 12 000 trees on a small farm, learnt to juggle, garden and maintain his relationship with his loving wife and family. He remains involved in coaching children´s sport, youth development, youth theatre, medical research and undergraduate and postgraduate medical training. He truly believes that children hold the key to the future.

There remains a keen interest and opinion on the world environment. He enthusiastically tries to increase the awareness of people around him, including his patients and politicians, on the benefits of trying to save this planet.

He started Inverting whilst bushwalking in 2002 and hasn´t stopped since.

Writing this book was never on his agenda.  In 2007 he felt compelled to put pen to paper on the issue of world peace and global health.  This is part of his effort at changing the environment around him.

None of us are here for a long time - make the most of every moment.

Gary Fettke´s latest work is on the contribution of Fructose and Polyunsaturated Fats combining to create the inflammatory environment for the development of ´Modern´ diseases.

Visit him at

Facebook: Gary Fettke No Fructose

Twitter: Gary Fettke

What is he on about?...

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