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George W Bush

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George W Bush and Inversion

George W Bush has been one of the best Presidents the United Sates has ever had!
Try this for an Inversion. Ready for a bit of mental stretching! Read on and see if you change your perspective.

Only when we see great injustice are we motivated to bring about great change.

Without his presidency, the world would not be considering and undergoing the changes it needs to make from an economic, environmental, social and spiritual perspective. Consider a reverse perspective - an Inversion!

The presidential period of George W. Bush has been arguably marked by ineptitude!

This apparent incompetence in pursuit of greed and wealth at the rest of the world´s expense has meant that he has pushed the world community over the edge to the point that change is now happening.

George W. Bush has presided over a period when we have seen dramatic change at economic, environmental, social and spiritual levels. If it was not for his actions over the last 8 years, arguably these significant changes in the world would not have happened and he should be recognised for it.

From an economic point of view we have seen a significant amount of greed and corruption with an unsustainable worldwide economic system. Largely due to the US Government´s inaction on several economic fronts, the world is now undergoing a significant correction with far reaching economic sequelae. This is the market correction the world needs to have. George W. Bush has presided over this period.

From an environmental sense the US Government has continued to ignore the arguments relating to world climate change. There has been a pursuit of ongoing energy inefficiencies and the USA is perceived as being a selfish user of the world´s energy resources.

We are now seeing Individuals and Communities motivating their elected leaders that change is required on an Environmental front. This bottom up approach is proving to be effective.

If we had a moderate like Al Gore indicating change from a top down approach, businesses may not have adopted the changes which are developing now. We needed someone like Bush to push us over the edge to motivate this change. He should be recognised for it.

One of the reasons that Barack Obama is President of the United States is because George W. Bush has been perceived to doing such a bad job. Would he have been considered if Bush had of been more of a moderate. Obama talks about great change and it is being considered only due to the precipitous path the world is currently on. Bush should be recognised for catalysing this change.

The whole social climate has changed in the last 8 years and there is a recognition of family values and a global community. We are no longer a community that is just dominated by western influence. Society is now revisiting family values and recognising that we are all together on a fragile planet. Selfish pursuits are not sustainable. The Presidential period of George W. Bush has seen these changes become recognised.

At a spirtual level we are now seeing that there is no role to invade other countries based on religious difference and the futility of that is being acknowledged.
The actions of the US government on an international level are increasingly scrutinised and found to be unsustainable. The role of the US is changing and George W. Bush should be recognised for it.

If a moderate had continued on in the White House, arguably we would have not come to these points of significant change in as short a period of time as we have. On this basis George W. Bush´s period of Presidency of the United States should be considered as the bitter dose of medicine the world has required. Maybe we should be applauding him…

This is not a political statement - just a different perspective to see what positives can be taken from one´s initial impressions.

Start an Inversion on any topic. Freedom of thought can set you free. A reverse perspective - an Inversion.

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